Mission Statement

Christianity has at its center the conviction that God entered human history and took flesh in the person of Jesus Christ, thereby redeeming humanity in the very midst of its fragility and limitations by co-mingling the human with the divine. Throughout the gospels we are repeatedly presented with the One who actually sought the most disenfranchised and rejected. He went to those who were considered the most loathsome and unclean, physically and spiritually. The very source of compassion of Jesus, his identification with the humanity, the suffering, the rejection and the abandonment that anyone, anywhere, has ever suffered (John 1:10-11; Hebrews 2:14-18)

Inspired by these reflections on the life of Jesus, and the lives of St. Francis and Dorothy Day, the Society of Franciscan Workers seeks to identify with those who find themselves abandoned and isolated in their suffering. The Society of Franciscan Workers seeks to be a community for those who work on the margins in ministry living out the words of Francis:

We have been called to heal wounds, to bring together what has fallen apart and to bring home those who have lost their way

Last updated on December 17th, 2011