Christ at the Checkout Counter

Thursday night I was saw D in the alley spread out all over the place, I walked over to see give him food and to see if he needed anything, and all around him was feces-I was taken a back and then it dawned on me this is why Jesus came into the world–to bring hope to human beings in all of their messiness.

My dad owned a store and so I grew up stocking shelves and behind the
counter. He was a devout Christian who always saw his work as his
ministry, and he would say to me over and over in each person you
meet, you see the face of Christ. And so through the years I see the
face of Christ, the incarnation become human in many ways, and a few
ways that make that a habit .

1. The supermarket checkout: When I am standing in line at Safe way
I remind myself that each person is the face of Christ, and that the
injunction to love that person as I love myself is literally true.

2. The Office visit: People stop by an interrupt me when I am working
on administrative materials, and I reminded each time that they come
first for they are the face of Christ.

3. The phone call: Each phone call I get is a phone call from
Jesus—be it a telemarketer or one of my kids needing to talk.

4. The swim: I swim every morning and each time I talk to the person
at the counter, a life guard I see Jesus.

In each person we encounter Christ and that is the message of Christmas–Jesus is born in each one of us, and we are to honor that Christ in each one of us. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


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