Who NeedsWeeds?

Who Needs Weeds?

Matt. 13:24-43

In the early chapters of the Gospel we her Christ called “Emmanuel” “God with us!” and my friend asked the question in a sermon: “If all you have is me is that enough?” And ultimately Jesus is all we have. I have been left with no one, and no hope, no money, no place to live–and all I have is Jesus–and he is enough.  That is in one form or another what I offer my guys on the street-for the majority of the time only Christ is all they have. That is why I do not run every day when I face hundreds of people grasping for hope of housing, food, and care–for Jesus is enough.

Celilia Gonzalez-Andrieu says of her own journey:

“To be a dissident today means to share in the fire of passion for God’s vision that fueled the people of Israel and nurtured Jesus. To be a dissident to day means finally to understand the depth of Jesus’ words in the Beatitudes. You are blessed by sharing the fate of the dispossessed. This work will be difficult and painful, but perhaps it will bear the most beautiful fruit within you. You will be the bearer of a box full of love for someone whose dignity has been trampled.”

Our Gospel reminds us that the good plants and the weeds are mixed together, and so who are we too judge who are the weeds?  We are all a mixture, and rather than judging we should meet people where they are. The weeds come out in the end, and God will deal with those weeds in his own compassionate manner. All of us have weeds within us, that will be dealt with. None of us are pure or are sinless.

It is no secret that I do not take part in demonstrations where there is any kind of damage going to be done to property, and where the lives of people will be interrupted by standing in their way. The reason is I believe it is a form of violence, and it hurts people, whether we see them or not, and that even though that property, and the activity of people are seen as weeds by some, they are seen as good by others–whom are we to judge? Befriending death is seeing death in our actions, and giving life.

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