Cooking With the Fallen One’s–River


Colossians 1:1-8, Luke 4:38-44

A PhD student recently completed his dissertation dealing with methods of working with youth. James followed me around for two weeks and observed.  He formed some new categories. One of  the the categories he calls the “Peter Pan Method”.  Out of the three hundred pages–thirty were devoted to this method, and only one person fit into his method –me. 

James summarized this method as: “A method in which the individual, enters into the lives of youth, where he or she is one in their world, in essence they are Peter Pan, it is as if they have never grown up….And yet one sees a way of letting them into one’s heart, that each person feels at one.” He concludes with: “The one contributing factor, the one sustaining factor, with River is his strong belief in the resurrection, for in that belief he has maintained a positive approach to life. Each is a new day with hope. Idealistic, childlike, yes, but mature, even more so.”

A friend, who was retiring as head of an agency, commented to me: “When are you going to give up being Don Quixote and provide for your future?”

Yesterday afternoon I sat down in Golden Gate Park and changed the bandage for  a young guy who had a knife wound. It was ugly, smelly, and I thought of Jame’s dissertation, and of my friend’s comments, and all I can say is the future is now, and there are no regrets.  All we have is the present moment–live it to our best. Each day is a gift of life to me, the Angel of Death, I hear often, and I am thankful for the present moment.

“Claim the good things of your life and see them as God’s gifts to you, temporarily entrusted to you. Cherish what is good, so good in your life. But don’t confuse your goods with your possessions. They’re not.” Unknown Author

For me the best thing in life has nothing to do with the expectations of the secular world–but with loving each person where they are. It is living life to the fullest. Peter Pan? I like it, it describes me. So be it! Deo Gratias!

+Fr. River Damien Sim sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

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