Station 1: Jesus is Condemned to Death

Luke 23:1-25

1913: The word “faggot” first appears in print.

Our sexuality shapes who we are, how we treat people, who we feel safe with.  Homophobia is alive and very well.  A former friend of mine was having a party one time and told me she was having trouble because she was trying to balance her invitation list evenly between straights, gays, lesbians, women and men, and I identify as “queer”, and I replied, I am simply a human being. I was not invited–homophobia is alive and well.

Youth today have terms where they identify as neither because they do not like being labeled.  In our high schools, our bars, our churches we hear the term fag, faggot, etc said a lot. People are afraid of people who are different. I remember in a church I served I had a  mother coming to me with a major worry, her husband wanted to have anal sex, and she asked me if that was a sin.  The answer to all questions about sexuality is that so long as we respect the person, and show love and concern it does not matter.

The cross calls us to move out of our ghettos of gay, straight, bi sexual, transgender, lesbian, black, white, rich and poor and embrace each other as brothers and sisters.  Until we do that Jesus will always be condemned to death.

Fr. River Sims, D.Min.