Friendship in the Social Media Age

Friendship in the Social Media Age

Matthew 7:15-20

, , ,”Therefore you will know them by their fruit.”

In his Introduction to the Devout Life,   St. Francis de Sales, writes that “among the passions of the soul, love holds first place. And he adds that “friendship is mutual love, and it is not mutual it is not friendship.”

In our social media age we all have thousands of “friends” on social media, and friends who text us, but the reality is that those merchandising their media outlets have used the neediness, and the longing of others to sell their merchandise.  What better way to to sell “Face Book”, than to have “friends”.

For us  real friendship is found in the phrase, “A friend is one who sees through your act and still enjoys the show,” and that is what true friendship is really about. 

A psychologist told us recently that “you are have so much resilience, and it is found through your faith in God.” Faith in God, experiencing Jesus, as a friend, who walks with us, has been the foundation of our life. In the tough times, the times of fear, Jesus is always present. We may not feel him, but we know that the Jesus who is all love is present.  He is not judgmental or condemning, but reminds us our lives are to be based on loving God with all of our heart, mind, and soul, and our neighbor as we do ourselves,”  and when we fail, Jesus picks us up and we start again. It is through that presence that we experience the  love of others.

There are times we find people disgusting, cruel, mean, and not worth our time, but when we see others through the eyes of Jesus we see ourselves and his love for all of us, and we reach out in love.

Friendship is not based on age, social status, race, creed or color, but ones that the book of Proverbs describes, “Some friends bring ruin on us, but a true friend is more loyal than a brother.”

In the last months as we have gone through our difficulties, we have found those who stand by us no matter what: two doctors in New Mexico, two attorneys, the four in the photo above, and my two best friends,  who are like  brothers, whose photo  I wear in a locket with my mother’s.  Those who have continued to support our ministry. Friendship is about the action of walking with people where they are, and enjoying the show.

Friendship is “showing our fruit” to those around us, and to the world. It is love incarnated in our actions.

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min.

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