Loneliness Will Make You Throw Your Sins Away


Loneliness Will Make You Throw Your Sins Away!

Matthew 9:9-13 Common English Bible (CEB)

Calling of Matthew

As Jesus continued on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at a kiosk for collecting taxes. He said to him, “Follow me,” and he got up and followed him. 10 As Jesus sat down to eat in Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners joined Jesus and his disciples at the table.

11 But when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”

12 When Jesus heard it, he said, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor, but sick people do. 13  Go and learn what this means: I want mercy and not sacrifice.[a] I didn’t come to call righteous people, but sinners.”

“Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins

Matthew is not just a quaint story, he is every man.  Jesus invited the sinner into his circle because “Loneliness makes you throw  sins away” and the results is you do whatever you that has to be done to fill that loneliness.

Matthew was a tax collector who manipulated, lied, and frankly stole from people. He is the abused, the abuser, the homeless, the queer, the racist, the people of all races, who feel a loneliness so terribly they do anything to get attention and fulfill that loneliness. He threw his sins away to and hurt people, but Jesus brought him to wholeness by giving him love.

We look at an abuse situation from the perspective of the abused and we see where the abused, the person who is hit, beaten, both emotionally and physically, who are called names like “dog”,  “bitch”, are the victims, and they have entered into a relationship as a result of being so lonely they throw their sins away; but on the other hand the person who emotionally abuses, who hits, and beats, too, is starving for oneness, starving not to be alone, and so they react in their abusive way, they do not know how to ask in an appropriate manner,  it is a ying and a yang, “Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins.

As the years have passed I have sat with  hundreds of people as they  have died, beginning with my own parents, and while we die alone, we do not have to be alone as we enter into that great unknown. To hold someone’s hand as they die is the greatest act of love one can do, for we know that we will be in their place someday, and will want someone by our side as we go into the great unknown, yes we die alone, but in dying we do not have to sit alone.  I have a priest friend who people criticize for various personality quirks, just like I have,  but he sits with people who are dying all the time, he journeys with them to the brink, and to me that is the greatest act of love one can give, “Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins. For me he is the greatest person!

People on the streets become so lonely, so separated, they are beaten emotionally and physically, they are looked down upon. They steal sometimes just to get attention and fulfill their loneliness. There was a time when I would shop lift and get caught–not because I needed it, but because I was so lonely I wanted attention. People without housing, are so beaten down by the system, and by the housed, that “Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins. Many act out in criminal acts simply to get attention, to get recognized. “Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins

This is true of all of us.  I received a response to a smart ass remark I placed on a Facebook Post which stated that basically that we all are loved, and cared for, and being the smart-ass I am I said, “That is not true, I do not feel that,” and for more people than we can count they are alienated, ridiculed, and abused. It is seen on the street in how housed people treat people who are homeless or who even look differently than they do. Come walk with me for a few days–and you will not see a lot of love, there are some spots, but little for “Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins.

It is easy to say that “Christ rises everyday,” when we have food, friends, a place to live, good health, both emotionally, and physically,  when we are not beaten down for not having housing, or the color of our  skin or  sexual orientation, but the resurrection comes when all of us are raised to new life. And we are called to begin that new life now, as we move into eternity.

We all act out when we are lonely, we do things for people to get their attention, we let people abuse us, demean us, use us, just for some attention. And we also abuse people in the same way for the same reason, it is a ying and yang, “Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins.

Dorothy Day said, “Love is a harsh and dreadful. . .” And love, not sexual love, but real love is harsh and dreadful because to truly be in community means to love both the abused, and the abuser, the victim and the criminal, no matter the crime, the poor and the rich, the old and the young, all colors of people, all expressions of faith, , all expressions of sexuality, and those who do not express faith. It means to love the Trumps, the Obama’s, the Bushes, the Clinton’s and come to see all people as people on a journey and meet them half way.

“Loneliness will make you throw your sins away.” Henry Rollins,

but when we are in a community (not physical) entering into the harsh and dreadful reality of love. new life comes, people are healed, people become whole, and they live lives of wholeness.

Christ comes in each of us. We are his hands, his feet, his mouth, we are his expression of love. Let us be about the business of Jesus in bringing in the Matthew’s of society.  Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min.

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