Jonah 3:1-10;Luke 11:29-32

When my brother was killed a kind pastor said to me: “You are given a choice, you can become bitter, resentful, angry at God, or you can put your hand in the hand of God and let him be with you.  Walk in the darkness in trust, and you will come to the light.”

Through the years: when I was on the street, my son was killed, my illness with malaria put me down, and in the last year with surgery and depression, I have learned again and again what Br. Geoffrey Tristram tells us: “We cannot see the Kingdom of God just with our natural sight. We can only make that journey into God and into God’s kingdom when we actually allow ourselves to go into the darkness and put our hand into God’s hand, and take those first steps of trust.”

In the same way I enter into the darkness of people’s lives by putting my hand into God’s hand, and I trust.

The “sign of Jonah” that is embodied in Jesus is that God takes the initiative in our redemption, if we only we place our trust in him and walk with him in the darkness of life. In doing so we recreate our lives into those of compassion and peace in Christ. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!

Fr. River Damien Sims, D.Min., D.S.T.





“How meaningful is it that the animals and angels, shepherds and pagan wise men, stars and Jesus’ parents are all involved in the birth of the Christ—wherever it happens? As it happens in myself and in my culture, in our institutions and communities and all our relations?  How meaningful is it that Herod, the representative of the empire , also shows up?” The Nativity  comes to life in us when we open our lives to the homeless, when we take time for them, feed them, love them, and work to eliminate the lack of housing.

“O Spirit. Lead us into fuller recognition of the God-self and Cosmic Christ we behold in every creature, and especially the newborn ones, those beginning life with so much promise and eagerness. Give us the grace to parent them wisely.”

Silent Meditation

See Who You Are. Become Who You See!


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