The Thin Places

Queer Crucifixtion

The Thin Places In Our Lives

John 8:51-“If any one keeps my word he will never see death.”

    We live many times in the thin places, between life and death. This year  I have walked in those thin places. I have been disabled, in a lot of pain, and have looked death in the face.  It is in these thin places that we encounter the living reality of God. All arguments over Scripture, doctrine, end, and we see only the face of God, and for me that is the face of Jesus, loving, caring, crying with me and all of us, and with his arm around me and the world. It is in the thin places that we know that God is real.

    My friend, Vicki Yeley, died early this week. She was an attorney, mother, wife, and my best friend. She was not a believer in any religion but Vicki was the best Christian I have ever known. She was giving, caring, and without expecting anything in return. She lived the commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Vicki incarnated that love. I remember when I was starting my Doctor of Ministry Degree, Vicki asked me how much the cost was going to be, and how much money I had to borrow, and I told her. She came in for lunch and over lunch said, “You know how much Kevin and I care about you, and I want to give this  honoring you, and donot tell Kevin, and until now it was our secret and the gift was  an envelop paying what I was going to borrow. When I first came to San Francisco I had no money, and did not have regular dental exams. The first bill was $15000.00. Through the years I paid it down, and one day Vicki wanted to go with me to the dentist  , and she wrote a check out for the remainder. This was the woman Vicki was–she gave with out asking, she gave without expecting anything in return. I trusted her more than anyone in the world, and so I live in the thin places between life and death.

    Christians are called to be “icons of Christ, to reflect him, the word “Icon” is Greek for “image of  God”. We are called to incarnate him in our lives, to clothe our lives with him, so that so that he is visible, and we can touch him in us, recognize him in us, and then in others. His call is revolutionary. It was one that will change the world if we embrace it. The Gospel is radical, and Christ indeed is the root from which springs all things. His commandment of love  means risk, great risk. His summons  implies a lack of security, a strange insecurity that leads to perfect security.

    During these years Vicki Yeley lived this out.  And in walking in the thin places we can see that all we have is God, and seeing, experiencing those thin places can lead us to giving our lives for others. Giving our money, time, and gifts for the homeless and the oppressed.

Rest in Peace Vicki, I will see you again! Rest in Peace old friend!

Tenderloin Stations of the Cosmic Christ

In Memory of Vicki Yeley

Good Friday/April 19, 2019

Noon-2:00 p.m.

A Walk of Reflection on Homelessness

We begin in front of City Hall-Polk Side

Will Pray and Feed Anyone Who Is Hungry

Sponsored By Temenos Catholic Worker

For more info:

Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.



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