The One Who Serves

Queer Crucifixtion

The One Who Serves

Luke 22:27-29

Today on Palm Sunday we join the crowed shouting at the entry of this great prophet who is going to save us–to give us all we want materially, to give us the perfect government, in fact to meet all of our needs. Then as the week progresses we learn once again he is just a man, who is the prophet of a kingdom that is far different than what we expect, a kingdom beyond the physical kingdom but a kingdom of the heart. A kingdom that requires faith. Henri Nouwen reminds us:

“The word faith is often understood as accepting something you can’t understand. People often say: “Such and such can’t be explained, you simply have to believe it.” However, when Jesus talks about faith, he means first of all to trust unreservedly that you are loved, so that you can abandon every false way of obtaining love. That’s why Jesus tells Nicodemus that, through faith in the descending love of God, we will be set free from anxiety and violence and will find eternal life. It’s a question here of trusting in God’s love. The Greek word for faith is pistis, which means, literally, “trust.” Whenever Jesus says to people he has healed: “Your faith has saved you,” he is saying that they have found new life because they have surrendered in complete trust to the love of God revealed in him.”

So the question left for us is will we follow in complete trust or will we turn away on Good Friday?

Tenderloin Stations of the Cosmic Christ

In Memory of Vicki Yeley

Good Friday/April 19, 2019

Noon-2:00 p.m.

A Walk of Reflection

On Homelessness

We Begin in front of City Hall–Polk Side

Will pray and Feed Anyone

Who Is Hungry

sponsored by Temenos Catholic Worker


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