The Team


“You are the righteous God of Israel. We are, right now, a small band of escapees.  . Ezra 9:15 (The Message)

    In our scripture Ezra says to God that the Israelite’s are a “small band of escapees”.  In our world today we who follow Jesus, and any other of God’s Reflections are  “escapees”, and  called to be a  team.

Our teams begin in small groups, and expands.  In our cover photo are five guys who have named us as a part of their  “Team” for several years now, being their in the good times and the tough times;  We address and write notes in some 900 plus Christmas cards today and tomorrow, remembering  each member of our  larger Team, the Team who supports us  and  provides the money and the emotional support for our ministry in San Francisco; followed by the Team of those characters who  inspire and support us from the Great Cloud of Witnesses, three are tattooed on our  arm: Dorothy Day, Francis of Assisi, and Damien of Molokai; and the day will come when we will all be together in that Great Communion of Witnesses, laughing over our squabbles, and petty arguments, and remembering our love for each other.

    Fr. Henri Nouwen describes our passages through life as a Team:

  “One of the most radical demands for you and me is the discovery of our lives as a series of movements or passages. When we are born, we leave our mothers’ womb for the larger, brighter world of the family. It changes everything, and there is no going back. When we go to school, we leave our homes and families and move to a larger community of people where our lives are forever larger and more expansive. Later when our children are grown and they ask us for more space and freedom than we can offer, our lives may seem less meaningful. It all keeps changing. When we grow older, we retire or lose our jobs, and everything shifts again. It seems as though we are always passing from one phase to the next, gaining and losing someone, some place, something.

You live all these passages in an environment where you are constantly tempted to be destroyed by resentment, by anger, and by a feeling of being put down. The losses remind you constantly that all isn’t perfect and it doesn’t always happen for you the way you expected; that perhaps you had hoped events would not have been so painful, but they were; or that you expected something from certain relationships that never materialized. You find yourself disillusioned with the irrevocable personal losses: your health, your lover, your job, your hope, your dream. Your whole life is filled with losses, endless losses. And every time there are losses there are choices to be made. You choose to live your losses as passages to anger, blame, hatred, depression, and resentment, or you choose to let these losses be passages to something new, something wider, and deeper. The question is not how to avoid loss and make it not happen, but how to choose it as a passage, as an exodus to greater life and freedom.” Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Fr. River Damien Sims, sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

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