Station 6: Veronica

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

    On the face of Jesus was spit, blood,  and violence. As  Veronica wiped his face she saw the depth of his solidarity, his union with us in our suffering and rejection.

   We are reminded of a young man, on a  “Snickers” t.v. commercial  who was paid a fee to go out and give people snicker bars. As he gave out the bars, his face shined, and he commented, “I spend the majority of my time on social media, and this is really fun, interacting  one on one with “real people.” Our smart phones, computers, and social media cut us off from face to face contact. We become robots, have no sense of union and solidarity with others, no sense of the suffering of others, and of sharing our own suffering.

    St. Ignatius teaches us “indifference.” He describes letting our lives center on God, being of service to others, simply serving and giving of ourselves. We do not worry about the costs, effectiveness, expectations and criticisms of others–we simply give of ourselves in service.

    Veronica wiping the face of Jesus symbolizes our caring for people in the name of Jesus without expectation. Each night thousands of people of all ages sleep on our streets, suffer because of no food, health insurance, and more importantly suffer because of their lack of love. People suffer because of our robot response.

    Veronica calls us to  care for each other in our personal interactions, in simple ways, in our one on one interactions.     Rather than worry about our present, past, future, our health, and well being , let us live and enjoy each moment of life,  care for each person we come in contact with. Let us give out snickers all day long!

Let us pray:

    Jesus, our vocation comes out of who we are now, our greatest strength and our greatest need. You call us to follow you. We are not pointed on the road to independence, but through our weakness are reminded to keep following you or we will otherwise be lost. You are  the Savior we need. Amen.


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