Station 8: Jesus Meets The Women of Jerusalem

Station 8: Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

    Jesus, in his own pain, comforts, a group of women who greet him along the way to Calvary. They try to comfort him, but he looks on them with love and compassion and their hearts are transformed, as they see their mission is that of love and compassion with out judgment. It is good to reflect here, with him, on the mission each of us has that can be shaped by this encounter with his suffering, death and resurrection.

    Terrence McGrath a wealthy Piedmont resident opened  his his 4 million home to a homeless couple last year. Mr. McGrath entered into the agreement with  the couple would find jobs, get their own place, but in living with them he has learned several things. First his exclusive neighbors would not understand, and have been afraid, and secondly, ending homelessness is not a matter of getting a job or “tough love.” This couple has been homeless for several generations, the daughter is homeless. 

    McGrath has learned that the root of homelessness is many has many facets, it is not just a housing problem. Not everyone has the capacity, physical or mental–to do what it takes to support themselves.

    McGrath in in his evolution of this thoughts on homelessness  has given them his word he will not kick them out, if he moves, he will provide for them. The street is about survival, an existence that’s physically and mentally draining. Homeless breaks down minds, bodies, and hearts.Recovering from that drama takes more than four walls–but walls help tremendously. McGrath has made a commitment  to them: “I’ll never abandon them. I’m never going to not finish with them.”

    Jesus is never finished with us! He will never abandon us! 

    It is good to reflect here, with him, on the mission each of us has that can be shaped by this encounter with his suffering, death and resurrection, “for me”. Thank him for this brief time to recall the gift we have received and ask yourself, what small pebbles we  can cast?

The street transforms every ordinary day into a series of quick questions and every incorrect answer risks a beat down, shooting or pregnancy.” (author unkown)


Let us pray:

“Lord, show us that reconciling wit those we imagine are different from us is not only for peace, but also train us more deeply in the faith that honors everything created by your hand. Help us see that reconciliation leads us to deeper knowledge of you. Amen. (Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals by Shane Claiborne)


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Nineteenth Annual Tenderloin Stations of the Cross

Friday, April 10, 2020

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