Peniel, Newsletter of Temenos Catholic Worker,June




P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco, CA 94164

June, 2020

Fr. River Sims, Director



Journal of An Alien Street Priest:

    In the middle of massive protests, social unrest, and the breaking down of institutions, we believe our world needs a new vision. Dorothy Day said, “Love is the answer.. . the system is dirty and rotten.”

    We continue with our work on the streets–pastoral care, socks, food, and masks when we can get them. This is our protest against the system, a protest in which we believe all are equal, all deserve their basic rights of food, shelter, and health care,  and a faith which embraces all without judgment.

    We are joining with others in signing the Declaration of Global Satyagraha:

“We the undersigned organizations and people, announce that we have joined together in higher unity as a Global Satyagratha Movement.. .

We joined in this higher unity through our common vision of a better world and what that better world must be. We have set this common vision in writing as a Global Constructive Program which reads as follows:

“We citizens of Planet Earth recognize that our home in the Universe is a delicate balance of forces and phenomena with a finite quantity of natural resources.

In order to live more harmoniously as stewards of this celestial globe, and for the benefit of future generations, we see the need for widening circles of caring communities that accommodate diversity for all. By ‘caring’ we mean emphasizing with the humanness in each of us while not tolerating violence that humanness often causes. “Accommodating Diversity” means recognizing as a fact that each person is unique concerning ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and other identities; and respecting that fact.

It entails exploring those differences in a safe and nurturing environment that transcends simply tolerating one another’s uniqueness. This is the need for a new cultural awareness.

In essence the meaning of this statement can be summed up in the words of Jesus: “Thou shalt love the Lord your God, with all of your mind, strength and energy, and love your neighbor as yourself.”

We invite each of you to sign this statement and post it where it can be read and prayed with daily.

Personally, we try to eat vegan as much as possibly, live simply on what we need, giving the rest away, taking public transportation as much as possible, and we carry out our ministry working with street youth working from the bottom up on their level.

We are not alone, for each one of you walk with us, supports us, inspires us. We are in community together. We are the body of Christ at work on the ground.

Our invitation is that all of us  seek a new paradigm, simply doing one thing that embraces the paradigm  of life. One thing leads to one more and so. The little mustard seed grows. Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


There are no events scheduled, but we are constantly in need of socks, jackets, blankets, and in giving your finances you support us in our ministry. We are out on the streets, and in the hospitals.  So we are begging for your support.


Holy Communion: We have been assisting people in celebrating the Eucharist in several ways:

    First if they would like for us to pray over the elements on the phone we gladly do so.

    Secondly, we recognize the “priesthood of all believers” and provide a simple liturgy for celebration in the home.

Thirdly, we also bring the Sacrament upon request.


Thank you for your support and care through the years.

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