The Good Book of Mental Hygiene by Gary Bell

The Good Book of Mental Hygiene

by Gary Bell

    In this book Gary Bell gives insight, humor, healing and a human perspective on all thought based disorders. Borrowing from the Apostle Paul’s letters to various cities, Dr. Bell writes letters to various cities and followers. Dr.Bell writes letters to individuals with various mental disorders, common diagnoses, and typical life problems.

    At the center of Dr. Bell’s thoughts is that Christ or the Divine as we experience God, can guide us into the healing of our mental health. He very much echoes AAA philosophy. We have to have the One outside of ourselves be our guide and focus.

    Dr. Bell emphasizes that to obtain good mental health we have to put together both the spiritual and the psychological practice.

    In my own life  I think of only five therapists with whom I could work. Simply because they understand the spiritual aspects of the journey.

    Healing comes only when we work with both the spiritual and the psychological and take responsibility for our own healing.

    Dr. Bell points  psychology for the most part tries to get us into the square hole of society, where many of us live in the round whole, and only through the spiritual aspect can the Holy Spirit work to transform us into the whole beings. Only when we understand that those who live in the round hole are as healthy as those who live in the square, can we have true good mental health. Deo Gratias!Thanks be to God!


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