Spiritual Truth in the Age of Fake News

A Review and Reflections

On Spiritual Truth in the Age of Fake News


Elizabeth Geitz


      The Reverend Elizabeth Getitz pulls no punches as she calls us to move beyond the many “ism’s” in our Scripture:



Feminist imagery

Heterosexual ism



Women Leaders

and move into a world in which we see inclusiveness in the Bible. She calls us to read the Word with our eyes open and commit ourselves to loving our neighbor with no exception, and see the  truth of the power of the Biblical tradition.

    Three areas  of  which she did not speak: “fake news” of our news media, the “fake news” of homelessness, and the “fake news”of our history.

    All of our media to one extinct or another is bent to  one political persuasion or another. They seek to tell the truth, but live within the culture of their region, therefore we should look outside the box, and  seek to come into the middle of the road  in order to meet everyone in fairness.

    Secondly, is the “fake news” of homelessness. All  homeless people are not lazy, drug addicts, and thieves. 

    In all areas of our society we equal out in those categories. Some choose homelessness, because of  various reasons, and in a free country, that should be respected, but for the vast majority we are short on housing, health care, and food.  And in my twenty six years of hanging on the streets, no one has stolen from me.

    And finally on this Fourth of July weekend the “fake news” of the history of our country. I cringe in looking back in  white churches we pastored, and celebrating the fourth as God’s celebration–oh it makes me sick to my stomach.

    The truth is our country was discovered, and founded by whites in the vast majority, for one reason only–their financial and political gain. We enslaved Black people and Native Americans. We stole the land of our Native American brothers and sisters. We have not raised the issue of how the virus is killing our brothers and sisters on their reservations, where many do not have running water or electricity. And so it is with other people of color. We who are white need to take responsibility for  the destruction of our environment and our own “tribalism” which prevents us from bringing people into our communities.

    My best friends are of Hispanic descent, there is no way that personally I can totally understand the pain that discrimination plays in their lives. I am a white guy of privilege, educated in excellent schools, able to pass among the wealthy and the privileged, and they can not. They have few “white” friends, are discriminated against, and feel isolated. 

     But what we can do is to listen, and listen hard, and walk with them on their journey, as equal partners.

    I stand for the National Anthem, and show respect for the awesome promises represented by the flag; and respect those who kneel in expressing their anger at how their communities have been treated and are treated, and pray for the day when all of us can stand in respect for the our oneness as human beings.

    The Spiritual Truth in the Age of Fake News in the words of Bishop Michael Curry is to remember:

“If it is not about love, it is not about God.”

Deo Gratias! Thanks be to God!


Father River Damien Sims,sfw, D.Min., D.S.T.

P.O. Box 642656

San Francisco,CA 94164



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